About us

As a fine architectural millwork shop, Narva was founded in 1995 with a strong commitment
and dedication to helping architects and designers realize their visions and expedite their projects in a timely manner with handcrafted quality.

We believe that architects and designers are the leaders in the industry encompassing highest
ideals in design and manufacturing excellence. At Narva, we bring these deals to life.

Our 25.000 sq.ft. facility is state of the art with the latest technologically-equipped machinery.
However we think machines are only as good as our craftspeople. Therefore, we provide an
environment where talented people have the assistance they need and are empowered to create and accomplish their projects to the olde-world ideals and values they hold dear.

Our project managers and in house design staff employ both AutoCad and free-hand drawing to
further to the communication and smooth out the work flow.

We welcome you to visit our shop and leaf through the countless projects we have

With the greatest respect for you ideas.

Alex Morozov

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